Web Presence Maximization

Your Web Presence Equals the Sum of All your Web Properties

Walk down a busy street. Ride a city bus, subway or train for a few stops. You'll see cell phones, tablets and notebook computers, used by people surfing the Internet, juggling social media sites, answering their emails, watching videos. This is their world, and you must be part of it to survive.

Web Presence in Social Media

  • Be colorful. Don't bombard your Facebook fans with photos and videos, but keep providing a steady stream, mixing multimedia with other interactions. 
  • Be available. People are genuinely touched when a high-ranking member of a business or organization interacts positively with them. 
  • Be generous. Promote yourself with coupons, giveaways and contests. 
  • Spread your web presence around. Definitely develop your Facebook and Twitter presence, but also look to Google+, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Designate at least one person to oversee social media, but ensure others maintain that presence, too.

A Website for Everyone

  • Avoid boring posed group photos. People staring into a camera will not engage your readers. 
  • Keep articles concise. Break up longer articles with photos. Pull statistical information out of articles and put it into charts or breakout boxes that are engaging and easier on the eyes.

Be a Better Blogger

  • Use your blog to share a wide variety of fresh content. Include important information about products and services, but make it entertaining and topical. Mix it up with interesting posts that share fun or surprising information about your company, and mix THAT up with funny or heartwarming off-topic posts.
  • Write with a friendly tone that will draw readers in. Provide links to your company website and social media sites, and share new blog entries on those sites.
  • As a blogger, leave comments on other blogs you enjoy. This can draw people to your own blog and increase your web presence. Be judicious about what blogs you comment on; make sure the target audience of those blogs would fit in with yours.
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