Effective Landing Pages are the Key to Increased Lead Generation

So you've increased the visitor traffic to your website but that traffic is not converting to more leads.
You calculated that all you needed was more web traffic to get more leads! 
That is partially true... Increased visitor traffic is necessary for generating more qualified leads.
So what's the problem?
The most likely answer is...

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are specially designed web pages that are important to capture the visitors’ information through a lead form. Needless to say, a good landing page targets a specific stream of traffic and helps capture them with a lead capture form that will help you convert a high percentage of your website visitors into possible leads thus resulting in better sales.

Research has shown that an effective landing page is solely responsible for a large percentage of B2B and B2C companies thriving. The primary objective of your landing page is to generate more qualified leads that will convert at a higher rate than other leads.

Why are your website'slanding pages so critical?

The Necessity for Well Targeted Landing Pages

Most companies target their traffic generated through internet marketing platforms such as email, social media or even advertisement and have it directed to your site’s homepage. However, This might be the worst page for specific qualified traffic. Each source with its different message should be directed to specific landing pages to keep the continuity of the subject interest.

A targeted landing page will help to convert your visitor into a buyer. Targeted pages are web pages that offer all of the important information, products, services and other vital pieces of information they seek in one place. A visitor should not have to spend much time navigating your site to satisfy their requirements. Don't make your visitors confused, direct them to their next step.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of your Landing Pages

Keep these important points in mind before you begin. 

  • Restrict Navigation: Landing pages should be designed in such a way that a visitor can easily take the desired action that you want them to. Hence, you need to ensure that you restrict the navigation in your page so that your visitor isn’t distracted from any other elements other than filling out your form as required.
  • Offer something of significance: It is a common practice that if you want something you need to offer something in return. This is a key element for landing pages. 
  • Avoid being lengthy:  Do not waste your visitor's time. Therefore, keep your landing pages as short and to the point as possible.
  • Be a part of your community: Allow your landing pages to work hard for you and enable its sharing with your targeted audience. This will allow your visitors to communicate your page content with others.
  • Analyze your page:  Constant analysis of the page will provide you with the opportunity of improving it further. There are many tools that you can utilize.

Every visitor is important so you should act to maximize your website's effectiveness by using landing pages whenever possible. Don’t ignore the process of changing them into potential leads.


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