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Web Design Builds Online Credibility

The most powerful form of advertising has been, and always will be, “Word of Mouth”. With the power of the Internet it is even more important.

People buy from people not websites. Your online credibility is built on your website. Your businesses value proposition and online reputation must clearly communicated online. Marketing Sherpa research teaches us that “clarity trumps persuasion” in the arena of online marketing.

Creating Credibility with Online Content

Creating credibility in the offline world of networking is accomplished via the process of  building Know, Like and Trust with prospects. This is achieved through many face-to-face meetings and conversations. 

Marketing Sherpa research indicates that the most successful websites minimize visitors’ feelings of  “friction and anxiety”. Your credibility is built by prominently displaying such things as membership in the Better Business Bureau, Free shipping, money-back guarantees and  Safe and Secure data protection.

And above all,  create highly targeted and relevant content that gives real value and substance to your target audience. The use of video, webinars, social bookmarking, forums and email all go a long distance in paralleling our offline relationship building activities. When there is trust and your content is engaging, educational and entertaining social media platforms can spread it virally. It’s word of mouth marketing on steroids. 

We recommend that you use audio, video and written testimonials to increase your online credibility and improve the chance of your visitor becoming your customer.

Social Media Builds your Online Credibility

Distributing your content in social media channels such as blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Squidoo, Hub Pages, Flickr and many more will stimulate conversations that will build your online word of mouth marketing and your credibility

We can provide you with online marketing solutions that are tailored to your overall online business objectives. 

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