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Inbound Marketing

Why Develop an Inbound Marketing Plan?

We use the techniques of Inbound Marketing concentrating on your Return on Marketing Investment - ROMI. While any marketing is a good idea, creating an inbound marketing plan can deliver greater results, at less cost, in a way that's more likely to target your chosen demographic and geographical area.

Some  key benefits of developing your inbound marketing plan are:

  • Set up properly, your marketing plan and the actions you take will funnel targeted visitors to your website. Using the correct keywords and phrases, as well as local SEO practices, can drive only the people most likely to buy to your site ie.  the right people at the right time. Attract
  • Taking advantage of long tail keywords to further target your visitors to only those who will be likely to make a purchasing decision can also benefit your site, and boost your lead to customer conversion rate. Attract - Convert
  • Your creation of specific landing pages will capture leads from the very people who "raise their hands" from finding your inbound marketing links, allowing you to run effective and successful email marketing campaigns. Leveraging special offers and Call to Action on these pages, can be the turning point in creating a successful lead capture and nurturing campaign. Convert
  • Your carefully crafted Calls to Action, will enhance and improve your visitor to lead and lead to customer ratios of your site. Convert - Close
  • Proper content marketing helps boost your credibility and creates greater reach, lower cost, and more targeted exposure. Close
  • Inbound Marketing is pull marketing rather then push marketing.  You create content that will be found by people searching for your product or service.  Close - Delight