Pay Per Click - What you Need to Know


Please, Google - ZMOT.

This is the most important marketing concept of the 21st Century. Read the book (kindle Edition) written by Google in 2002!

Before  ZMObeing found was about location, location, location, a physical location. It was about physical contact and relationahsips.

Not any more! Being found is complicated and it is now in the electronic space called the Internet.

  • Search Marketing like:
    • Google Adwords; Bing; Facebook Ads; LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
    • Display Ads, Display Remarketing, BehavioralTargeting, GEO Fenced Ads
  • Content Marketing with:Let's start investigating whether Pay Per Click Makes Sense
    • Blogs, Articles, Calls to Action, Landing Pages
  • New Markeitng for the 21st Century
    • Inbound Marketing, Buyer Personas and Buyer's Journey

The steps to Pay Per Click Success: 

Keyword Research
Keyword Groups
Create Ad Groups
Three ads per group
Selected URL Landing Pages
Analytics Conversion tracking
Monitor. Access. Improve.

Keyword Research:

Here is just some of the data that we use to create the best set of keywords to start our Pay Per Click campaign.

Spy-1 garage remodel.png

Spy-2 garage remodel.png

Let's start investigating whether Pay Per Click Makes Sense 

Create Keyword and Ad Groups:

Always use at least two ads or more for every keyword & Ad group. Choose a specific page to land. Make it a great Landing Page.

google adwords campaign template from hubspot   Google Sheets.png

OnPageForm.png  Contact from PPC.png

You have just paid to get this stranger to this page. A simple engaging form with multiple Calls to Action on a properly built landing page is key to collecting the valuable information you want. Following the Inbound Methodology, we have, Attracted strangers to the site, with our landing page we have help to Convert those strangers into leads. Now that we have knowledge about the stranger we can use that in email nurturing to asist in Closing the sale.


Let's start investigating whether Pay Per Click Makes Sense